Where We Work

Supporting national, local, and international efforts to enhance Tunisia’s tourism potential

The USAID Visit Tunisia Activity is designed to support all of Tunisia through national initiatives, including developing international source markets while supporting specific destination development efforts

Visit Tunisia partners with government agencies, private enterprises, tourism associations, destination marketing agencies, and content creators to market Tunisia as a compelling tourism destination.

Working at the National Level
Visit Tunisia kicked off the project by meeting with the Ministry Of Tourism And Handicrafts (MoTH), the National Tourism Board (ONTT), the Ministry Of Culture, and industry associations.

Visit Tunisia works with the Government of Tunisia and national tourism associations on key national initiatives.

These include:

  • National Tourism Strategy 2030
  • Tourism Industry Association Strengthening
  • Quality, Safety, and Sustainability Standards
  • Strategic Marketing Planning
  • National Marketing Campaigns
  • Public Awareness Campaigns
  • Air Services Development
  • Data-Driven Decision Making

In addition, many of our funding opportunities and technical assistance programs are designed to support tourism businesses, event and festival organizers, and entrepreneurs across all of Tunisia.

These include:

  • Tourism Product Development
  • Event & Festival Development
  • Pathways to Professionalism (Workforce Training & Licensure)
  • Pathways to Profitability (SME Training & Market Linkages)
  • Microfinance Support
  • Investment Facilitation
Working at the Destination Level

In addition to national initiatives, Visit Tunisia is designed to support specific destinations within Tunisia through a clustering approach of tourism stakeholders conducting public-private dialogue to create and implement destination development plans.

These plans are designed to:

  • Identify priorities for investment in tourism site infrastructure,
  • Explore opportunities for public-private partnership concessions,
  • Define existing and new events that will attract visitors,
  • Improve destination governance and coordination,
  • Create regional and destination marketing partnerships,
  • Strengthen linkages between tourism service providers, and
  • Improve tourism development coordination and communication between central and local governments

A destination is defined by the UN World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) as: “a physical space with or without administrative and/or analytical boundaries in which a visitor can spend an overnight. It is the cluster (co-location) of products and services, and of activities and experiences along the tourism value chain and a basic unit of analysis of tourism. A destination incorporates various stakeholders and can network to form larger destinations. It is also intangible with its image and identity which may influence its market competitiveness.”

Visit Tunisia assessed both attractions and destinations throughout Tunisia in collaboration with the ONTT’s regional tourism offices (CRTs) while conducting regional workshops as part of the national tourism strategy development process. This assessment was combined with a desk analysis of data available online of each potential destination around the following areas.

Existing Tourism OfferingsSufficient InfrastructureHuman ResourcesTourism AssetsUnderserved Area
ProductsAccessWorkforce Skill LevelsNatural AttractionsRegional Development Index
ServicesTransportTraining LocalitiesCultural AttractionsRegional Efficiency
ExperiencesLodgingOpportunities to Expand EmploymentPoverty Rate

Based on this analysis, Visit Tunisia will support the following destinations in the first few years. Additional destinations may be considered for destination development support in subsequent years of the project.

Working at the International Level

Through our head office in Tunis and in collaboration with the ONTT’s international offices abroad, Visit Tunisia also works to increase country awareness and drive demand to Tunisia through the design and implementation of international marketing campaigns and participation in international events.

Under the activity Air Services Development Support, Visit Tunisia will assist the Ministry of Transport and the Tunisian Civil Aviation and Airports Authority to develop and cultivate relationships with international airlines to increase the amount and frequency of flights into Tunisia.