Tounes Lik: Inspiring Tunisians to Explore Domestic Tourism Adventures

Articles / 30-12-2022

The marketing campaign “Tounes Lik” (“Tunisia is Yours”) inspired thousands of Tunisians to explore domestic tourism adventures and getaways to explore diverse and untapped sites. From April to November 2022, USAID Visit Tunisia and partners released 14 videos to create buzz around destinations in Tunisia typically ignored by the domestic market. These profile-raising videos were a huge success. Online, they generated extremely high user engagement and increased awareness of the National Tunisian Tourism Office (ONTT) and local businesses. Offline, they generated more visitors and revenue to destinations.


“Tounes Lik” (“Tunisia is Yours”) encouraged local travelers to explore Tunisia’s diverse tourism destinations and share their experiences by releasing 14 profile-raising videos on social media from April to November. Tounes Lik was recognized as the most successful domestic tourism campaign in Tunisia ever.
Here are notable highlights:

  • Reached over 14 million views on all Tounes Lik social media platforms
  • Increased “Tounes Lik” following from 46K to 145K social media followers
  • Generated high user engagement , with more than 200K “likes” across all the posts
  • Inspired Tunisians to share their trips , with over 16K posts shared using the hashtags
  • Increased awareness and revenue for local businesses by generating more year-round and high-spending visitors
The nationwide domestic tourism campaign “Tounes Lik” was implemented by USAID Visit Tunisia in partnership with the National Tunisian Tourism Office (ONTT) and the Ministry of Tourism and Handcrafts (MOTH) in collaboration with local influencers. It ran from April to November 2022. The featured experiences were also made possible thanks to several private sector businesses.

Tunisia, an Untapped Potential for Locals

Tunisia, a small country of 11 million people at the peak of North Africa, has immense tourism potential for any kind of tourist. With a diverse terrain that spans from desert to forest to sea, well-preserved relics from the Roman era, and year-round festivities that display a vibrant culture, Tunisia is a prime destination for cultural, historical, adventure travelers, and more.

However, many of Tunisia’s tourism offerings remain undiscovered, even by Tunisians. According to a Domestic Tourism Survey conducted by USAID Visit Tunisia in November 2021 with 1589 respondents across Tunisia, most of Tunisians are keen to travel locally rather than internationally – and when they do, they rarely stray from traditional coastal towns, such as Hammamet, Sousse, and Djerba.

  • 30% of respondents traveled outside of their hometown only once in the past 3 years
  • 81% of respondents prefer to travel locally rather than internationally
  • 35% of respondents think the efforts to promote domestic tourism are not at all effective
  • 80% of respondents get the information about the destination and offers from social media
  • Nabeul, Sousse, Djerba, Tunis & Tabarka are the top favorite destinations Tunisians go to
  • Djerba, Tozeur, Tabarka, Bizerte & Ain Draham are the top places Tunisians dream of visiting

Tounes Lik: 14 Bucket-list Destinations. Over 14 Million Views

Starting in April 2022, USAID Visit Tunisia supported the National Tunisian Tourism Office (ONTT) in releasing 14 high-quality tourism videos spotlighting high-potential tourism sites. These, unified, became the domestic tourism campaign, Tounes Lik (“Tunisia is Yours”). The objective was to inspire and motivate Tunisians to travel more and differently in their own country.

The campaign highlights Tunisia's diverse tourism landscape – from the northern hinterland to the southern coast – with captivating videos released on social media produced by local influencers. This includes content on Tunisia’s traditional seaside getaways such as Djerba , but also, less-visited interior regions with untapped potential – such as Kef, Zaghouan, and Kairouan .

The videos went viral, helping the ONTT expand its online presence on Instagram, a fast-growing media channel in Tunisia, and massively multiply its following since USAID Visit Tunisia joined the campaign. The videos have cumulatively received more than 14 million views on Facebook and Instagram and reached all areas of Tunisia.

Top 3 bucket-list destinations: Djerba, Tozeur, and Tabarka

  1. Djerba , “La douce” (the sweet), is a Tunisian island located in off the country’s southeast, and is the largest island in North Africa. From camel rides on dreamy beaches to sailing, Djerba has it all in terms of activities. Beyond classical ones, Djerba’s popularity is rising among active communities -its lagoon is a kitesurf playground. Authentic fishing experience is also possible thanks to local fishermen who share their ancestral know-how with eager visitors. Djerba’s name holds up - It is known for its sweetness of life. Watch the full video.

  1. Tozeur , a city in southwest Tunisia, impresses its visitors by her traditional architecture and its offerings ranging from amazing guest houses and hotels to the most extreme activities, such as skydiving above the dunes of the desert. Walks in the palm groves are common and yet a must-do. Watch the full video.

  1. Tabarka , a coastal town located in north-western Tunisia, close to the border with Algeria, is the go-to destination to learn scuba diving and explore unique dive spots like the "grouper rock" and the "tunnels." Camping in “Melloula,” a remote pebble beach, mountain biking, and going on a tour with a local fisherman are also one of Tabarka’s highlights. Watch the full video.

Increasing “Tounes Lik” following up to 145K

”Tounes Lik” following increased from 1K to 55K on Instagram and from 45K to 90K on Facebook (145K combined). The “Tounes Lik” campaign contributed to a massive increase of the number of followers/fans on the official social media platforms. The impact of this domestic campaign is unprecedented for the national tourism office (ONTT).

Tounes Lik’s following on Instagram increased from 1K in April to more than 55K followers in December 2022; whereas the Facebook fans jumped from 45K to 90k in only eight months.

Tounes Lik knew how to communicate with the target audience

Local influencers were handpicked not only based on their ability to produce compelling content tailored for Tunisians, but also for what they represent and stand for. All created personable, relatable, and accessible content and brought voices and stories from the ground to their communities and wider audiences in the most authentic way.

Rabii Ben Brahim (aka “The Dreamer”) is an avid explorer and a precursor in the off-the beaten path travel. Manel Jouini (aka “Tanwicha”) shares her passion for food and Tunisian cuisine. Mayssa Ferchichi and Fatma Bououn Tunisian lifestyles.Authenticity led to Tounes Lik’s success, and increased awareness.

Douz, known as the "gateway to the Sahara”, is a village in southern Tunisia, located at the foot of the great dunes of the desert". It’s the perfect disconnection. Wifi-free camps create memorable experiences, such as eating “sand bread”, and going on quad tours to play in the sand dunes. Watch the full video.

Engaging over 16K Tunisians who shared their travel experiences

Tunisian followers listened to the influencers and engaged with them, asking for more domestic trail recommendations. Notably, they listened to the influencers and booked their holidays based on their advice!

“Please keep showing us new places where we can have new experiences. Our homeland has unlimited beauty.”
-- wrote a user

From April to November, these destinations have become newfound adventure grounds for locals. The captivating videos have drawn a flood of positive engagement and feedback from local communities, excited to explore new adventures. Over 16K Tunisians documented and shared their travels on Instagram under the #touneslik hashtag and through the @touneslik tag. From April to November, these destinations have become newfound adventure grounds for locals.

Tunisians dared to travel to their bucket-list destinations, such as Djerba, Tozeur, Tabarka, Bizerte, and Ain Draham. They also explored places off the beaten path, such as remote island La Galite. They also returned to some of their favorite destinations, such as Nabeul, Sousse, Djerba, Tunis, and Tabarka to explore more. Thousands of photos and videos about architectural wonders, underwater life, shipwrecks, and diverse Tunisian wonders have been shared.

“Our Tunisia is magnificent” is the most shared comment during “Tounes Lik” campaign, reinforcing the idea that Tunisians appreciate Tunisia’s offerings and are eager to go on adventures, family, and solo trips.

Tunisians continue to travel and share their experiences and tips by identifying “Tounes Lik” on social media even after the campaign's end date in November. Their lasting excitement and renewed engagement are key indicators of the campaign's success in creating a lasting positive effect.

Explore all the user generated content shared by engaged Tunisians here and here!

Thriving local businesses in underserved regions

The videos views led to an increase in visitation to the targeted sites. By rekindling enthusiasm for domestic travel, the campaign created an economic boom for local tourism enterprises and artisans hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. Many featured businesses reported a significant increase in interest from people in their products and services, leading to increased revenue.

“After releasing the El Kef promotional video in Tunisia, many nature lovers contacted me to visit the region, which remains little publicized by the government. […] With your support, we are advancing more quickly in our mission to enhance the potential of Kroumiria region and promote sustainable tourism. […] We thank you for having gone beyond the classic image conveyed in the media. Your hard work turns into tangible benefits for the locals, our partners, small projects, and our company!”
— Jebli Wathik, a local guide offering archaeological, historical and adventure tours who participated in the filmmaking of the El Kef video in collaboration with the Dreamer.

El Kef , situated 175km to the west of Tunis, incarnates well a “never-a-dull-moment” destination. It includes diverse activities, such as hiking, climbing, kayaking, biking, chasing waterfalls, tasting “Bozgen” - the traditional dish, encountering sheep, drinking spring water, and much more. Watch the full video.

“Our business has been flooded with bookings since we were featured in the Zaghouan video.”
— Farouk Zammouri, owner of Atyma Cycling, an outdoor adventures company in Zaghouan.

Zaghouan , located 60km south of Tunis, is great for day trips, weekend getaways, and adventure activities, such as hiking, climbing, kayaking, and zip-lining. Watch the full video.

“Congratulations on your exceptional work, especially on the region of our impact: Tabarka, Ain Draham, and Melloula. We are impressed and believe you play a crucial role in achieving our vision towards sustainable and high-quality tourism in our country.”
— Iskander Rekik, and Rania Mechergui, owners of Dar El Ain, an eco-tour agency providing alternative and eco-tourism experiences in the Northwest of Tunisia.

Bolstering Tunisia’s domestic tourism trend is leading USAID Visit Tunisia towards some of its key objectives to increase domestic tourism and promote brand awareness of the country as a diverse tourism hub for outdoor, adventure, nature, and historical and cultural activities.

In 2023, USAID Visit Tunisia will continue its mission to build a diverse, competitive, and resilient tourism sector in Tunisia by engaging Tunisians to explore their country and driving traffic to businesses from the private sector, which will accelerate the economic recovery and the growth of the emerging ones.

The nationwide domestic tourism campaign “Tounes Lik” was implemented by USAID Visit Tunisia in partnership with the National Tunisian Tourism Office (ONTT) and the Ministry of Tourism and Handcrafts (MOTH) , in collaboration with local influencers Rabii Ben Brahim “The Dreamer”, Manel Jouini “Tanwicha”, Mayssa Ferchichi, and Fatma Bououn. This campaign is also made possible thanks to the contribution of businesses from the private sector.

Re-play all the Tounes Lik destinations’ videos on Facebook starting from the most watched:

  • Jalta(1.4M views. 4.6K likes. 343 comments)
  • Haouaria(1M views. 16K likes. 824 comments)
  • Bizerte (Tawicha) (1M views. 4.6K likes)
  • Bizerte(Mayssa Ferchichi) (725K views. 10K likes. 460 comments)
  • Nabeul(716K views. 169 likes)
  • Mahdia(580K views. 3.1K likes. 109 comments)
  • Kerkennah(550K views. 8.5K likes. 444 comments)
  • Djerba(489K views. 423 likes) Tabarka (482K views. 1.7K likes)
  • Tabarka(482K views. 1.7K likes)
  • Djerba (Tanwicha) (464K views. 83 likes)
  • El Kef (440K views. 3.1K likes)
  • Kairouan (421K views. 141 likes)
  • Tunis Medina(389K views. 38 likes)
  • Cap Bon(374K views. 1.5K likes)
  • Zaghouane(208K views. 1K likes)
  • Tozeur(62K views. 1.7K likes) Douz (6.5K views. 202 likes)
  • Douz(6.5K views. 202 likes)

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