Investment and Innovation

Providing innovative financial solutions in the tourism industry.


The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a severe toll on global travel and tourism. To weather the crisis and grow stronger, Tunisia’s tourism industry needs robust private sector investment and new, creative business models that capitalize on the country’s full tourism potential.


The USAID Visit Tunisia Activity facilitates investment in Tunisia’s tourism industry through tailored grant programs, technical assistance, and infrastructure support to select tourism sites in target destinations. The project also works to facilitate strong public-private partnerships that enhance public tourism sites and strengthen the industry’s competitiveness. Ultimately, we aim to see promising tourism providers receive the backing they need to recover, grow, and thrive.

Our Work

Visit Tunisia provides support to facilitate investment, increase access to finance, and improve infrastructure at select tourism sites through three key funds: a grants fund, project fund, and infrastructure fund.

Where We Work

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Grants Fund

Supports hard-hit MSMEs in the tourism sector to develop unique, sustainable products, services, and experiences to meet demand, including through partnerships with microfinance institutions (MFIs) to increase MSMEs’ access to finance.

Project Fund

Leverages and catalyzes private capital investments and innovative partnerships in the tourism industry, including through the use of technology and digital innovation.

Infrastructure Fund

Funds the development and renovation of tourism sites and facilities in target geographic areas.