Enabling Environment

Creating a climate for sustained growth


Tunisia’s tourism sector is a major source of employment, providing direct jobs for close to half a million people. As the market evolves, however, industry workers need new service skills and business techniques to thrive. Effective avenues for private sector advocacy and communication with the government are also essential to the industry’s continued growth.


The USAID Visit Tunisia Activity strengthens Tunisia’s tourism climate by promoting international quality standards, policy dialogue, and industry advocacy for policy, regulatory, and institutional enhancements. Our work includes training and support services to government agencies, SMEs, and tourism federations and associations, including in the use of new digital solutions. We aim to see Tunisia build a competitive tourism sector that is sustainable, resilient, and diverse.

Our Work

Visit Tunisia works with public and private stakeholders to improve Tunisia’s enabling policy, regulatory environment, and training mechanisms to foster competitiveness and growth in tourism. This work covers six broad areas:

Strengthening tourism associations and federations

We work with tourism associations to improve their business planning, advocacy, membership services and benefits, and overall effectiveness.

Improving quality, safety, and professional standards

We assist Tunisia's National Tourism Office (ONTT) and tourism industry federations and associations to review and improve the standards and inspection process that govern the standards of quality in the tourism industry.

Industry-based training and certification (Pathways to Professionalism)

We provide industry-based competency training and certification for human capital in the tourism industry.

Tourism SME Training and Support Activity.

We provide business training and customized technical assistance to SMEs to establish new market linkages and improve profitability.

Improving data-driven decision-making

We support government entities, tourism federations and private sector partners to collect and analyze data to better understand tourism impact, marketing performance, and return on investments.

Policy reform

We work with Tunisia’s transport ministry and other relevant agencies to improve transport access into and throughout Tunisia.